Our Volvo Cars West Springfield team members agree that you should have your windshield wiper blades replaced every six months, every 12 months or whenever wear and tear makes it necessary. What type of wear and tear should you look for? Here's a basic rundown.

Regardless of brand type or material, windshield wiper blades tend to degrade in a variety of similar ways. They either become brittle and hard, they split and crack, or they erode. Each scenario prevents wiper blades from squeegeeing windshields properly. The result is a windshield that remains foggy, wet and blurry while you're on the road: a big no-no as far as vehicle safety goes. If you can't gauge the integrity of your vehicle's wiper blades by sight, look at the wiper blades' results on your windshield or listen to the wiper blades as they move side-to-side. Excessive streaking, skipping, squeaking or chattering indicates degraded windshield wiper blades that require replacing.

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