Volvo S90 Momentum Trim Overview

The latest models for the Volvo S90 are here, and Volvo has done an amazing job with the engines in the upgraded Momentum trim. With higher performance marks, the Momentum also has a long line of interior features. You’ll feel extremely comfortable and safe in this upgraded sedan. Some of the performance options include a turbocharged intercooled four-cylinder engine that gets 255 horsepower. There are fuel economy and savings included with this version as well.

The Momentum gets 30 mpg or more on the highway. You’ll love how smooth this sedan handles around curves. The cabin is spacious and quiet with leather upholstery and plenty of comfortable extras like a WiFi hotspot, satellite radio, and premium sound system. You can also connect directly to your phones with this sedan.

The Volvo S90 Momentum is your best option for convenience, reliability, and performance. It’s also got the right price at Volvo Cars West Springfield, where you’ll find the best rates on new Volvos in Springfield, MA.

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