Safety Makes the Volvo V90 a Smart Option

Smart choices come in many shapes and sizes; this time it comes in a popular Volvo luxury wagon: the V90. This Volvo wagon has intuitive safety features that any smart driver will want while driving around West Springfield and anywhere else.

Safety and Volvo

You can expect the following features from the V90 at Volvo Cars West Springfield:

Rear Collision

Volvo found a way to reduce the chances of injury during a rear end collision accident. You know these are hard to predict but are quite common. This system detects when a collision may happen and tightens all belts on its own and applies auto brakes to keep you safe.

Forward Collision

Sometimes, the collision happens in the front. Volvo is prepared for this, too, by providing you with a system that detects if your vehicle is getting too close to another. It warns you with audio and visual signs and even applies brakes if you are taking too long to stop on your own.

You can ask us how these features and others work in the V90, and we will be happy to answer as you take it for a test drive.



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