A Volvo Engine Makes Even a Tractor Fun to Drive

Here at Fathers & Sons Volvo, we would never think of a tractor as being a fast vehicle or as something that we would ever want to try to drive; that is, until we saw the video below.

These guys modified an old Volvo BM Terrier tractor to turn it into a fast, powerful machine that is perfect for anyone who likes a thrill. Watch the video to see this thing in action.

The engine responsible for all this speed is a Volvo 940 turbo. This engine allowed the tractor to get up to 60mph, which is unheard of as far as tractors go. This sounds like a vehicle something we would definitely want to try out.

This Volvo engine was able to get a machine that moves in slow motion up to a speed that would be acceptable on a highway; just think what it could do in a car. Come check out a few new Volvo models at our West Springfield, MA dealership to find out.

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