Revisiting the Magic of Yesterday's Family Station Wagons

If you are anything like us here at Father & Sons Volvo, then you probably have some fond or not-so-fond memories of riding in the way way back of the family station wagon during long road trips. Of course we are talking about those rear-facing jump seats that kids used to argue over and get carsick in. Making faces at other drivers on the highway was always a favorite pastime, and that's exactly the nostalgia that Volvo is trying to get at with this latest commercial for the new 2015 V60.

This ad was made for the 2014 National Film Festival for Talented Youth that Volvo sponsors every year. It is certainly the best one we have seen in a while. Take a look:

Like the lady said, not all the magic is gone in this new era of small and efficient station wagons. Come see exactly what we are talking about by visiting our showroom and exploring our entire lineup of new Volvo vehicles. Hope to see you soon.

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