Volvo's Future: Driving Hands-Free Everywhere

A few weeks ago on the blog, we talked a bit about the automaker's plans for autonomous parking in the future. But that still leaves the question: what about all other forms of driving?

Cruising down the interstate can be a boring use of time; keeping your eyes on the road is important but, if you no longer needed to, imagine all the work or fun you could have instead! That's what Volvo has planned and they're already thinking of innovative ways to make better use of the space the road offers as well. Take a look below and start getting pumped up for all that the foreseeable future holds!

While the new Volvo models we offer here at Fathers & Sons Volvo still require manual driving skills, they're no less incredible! Offering the comfort and efficiency you want, with the style and affordability you deserve, there's much to love when you drop by and take a look around our Springfield, MA location today.

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