Volvo Tallies Auto Show Hat Trick with String of Stylish Concepts

The playoffs are on the way, the Bruins have won nine straight, and the Soderberg, Eriksson, Kelly line is really clicking. Therefore, you really can't blame us for thinking hockey when we start talking about Swedes these days. However, the hat trick we're referring to at our Springfield, MA Volvo dealer is the award-winning lineup of concepts to come from our brand in the past few months.

After catching all sorts of attention with the Concept Coupe then the Concept XC Coupe, Volvo finished off the run with the Concept Estate. Each ride won awards at their respective debuts and after catching a look at the latest offering, we think it will quickly become clear why.

We're not exactly sure which production models these looks will work their way into, but we certainly wouldn't mind seeing that style on display at Fathers & Sons Volvo soon. To keep up to date on the latest news, start following our blog today.

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