Volvo Roaming Service Makes Your Car a Delivery Zone

When it comes to advancing technology, few automakers can do it in a way that is both quality as well as lasting. Today, we're here to discuss a technology from Volvo that we believe is both of these things but we'll leave that decision up to you folks as the drivers. It's called Roaming Delivery Service and it, essentially, gives delivery companies the ability to unlock your car, drop off their goods, and lock the car again once, all under your remote supervision from a tablet or smartphone in real time. Take a look below to see what we mean in more detail.

We here at Fathers & Sons Volvo are incredibly excited for such forward-thinking and convenient technologies to begin making their way into new Volvo vehicles. While they're not here just yet, you can come in to our West Springfield, MA dealership location today and check out the current lineup. There's bound to be something just for you, no matter your unique tastes.

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