Volvo's Ocean Race is well underway

It is no secret that our coastal state has a rich sailing heritage, which is why we at Fathers & Sons Volvo are excited to share this video from Volvo's Ocean Race YouTube channel!

This yacht race which circles the world takes place every three years and has done so since 1972, though Volvo took over sponsorship in 2001 . Since it's out on the open waters the race isn't a walk in the park filled with sunning oneself and drinking champagne.  The racers are focused, experienced, and in this clip they're preparing to stay safe during a rumored storm that is set to hit with force during the evening.

To stay up to date on the progress of this exciting race, check out the YouTube channel.

In the meantime, visit us at our West Springfield, MA location to test drive any of our new Volvo models! Built with luxury, safety, and convenience in mind, you're sure to feel like the captain of a ship! Contact us for more information.

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