Volvo Conceptualizes a World of Autonomous Parking

We will not wake up one day to find out that Volvo has developed a production ready autonomous (self-driving) car. Instead the transition of our cars being able to do more on their own will happen slowly, but very surely.

If there is any type of autonomous technology we wouldn't mind seeing it would be autonomous parking. The busy holiday season, grocery shopping, and making it in time to your reservation will no longer be a problem, thanks to the technology Volvo has been conceptualizing.

We like that this idea is easily powered by a smart phone, and since the car will feature auto braking we can be assured that safety will be on its "mind". With autonomous parking you can arrive a little bit ahead of time or take a few extra minutes getting ready.

In the meantime, many of our new Volvo models already have exciting electronic features. Stop in to see us at Fathers & Sons Volvo, located in West Springfield, MA, for more information.

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